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Your Oldies, My Goodies

Give or find reusable goods

Legal notice and website terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions for the use of the “Your oldies, My goodies” module

This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable for the use of the “Your oldies, My goodies” module. The agreement may be modified from time to time. Compo Recycle reserves the right to remove without prior notice any ad violating the provisions of this agreement If the terms and conditions do not suit you, please abstain from using the module.

Free service

Compo Recycle offers the “Your oldies, My goodies” module to promote reusing goods that might otherwise end up in a landfill, or be recycled before the end of their useful life.

Goods must not be sold

All articles, without exception, must be given, not sold. If you wish to sell goods, you may do so by using newspaper classified ads, web bidding sites, or any other usual means. All transactions involving the exchange of money or goods will be deleted by Compo Recycle without any further notice and, in case of recurrence, Compo Recycle reserves the right to suspend any further use of its module by the non-complying user.

Purpose of the module

This module intends to be complementary to other means available to give reusable goods. We invite you to refer to the Spring Matières à réflexion, or your municipality’s website, to find local organizations that put to good use reusable goods in your community.


The module is intended mainly for citizens of Compo Recycle’s client municipalities. Businesses and organizations are welcome as well. The number of ads is unlimited. The service is free. The goods must be given. However, only persons with the legal authority to conclude transactions may use the module. In particular, the module is not available to minors or users whose registration has been suspended due to fraudulent use of the service, or use that is contrary to the terms and conditions described in this paragraph. If you do not qualify, please abstain from using our service.

Time allowed before posting your ad

After you place your ad, the webmaster reserves the right to abstain from publishing your offer if it contravenes to the terms and conditions of use of the service. The waiting period may extend to three (3) working days.

Period of publication

Your ad will be deleted automatically 30 days after publication. If you wish to extend that period, you must access the My Ads section, by connecting first with your registration e-mail.

Nature of donations

There are presently twelve categories of goods. Others could be added according to needs.

  • Children articles and toys (e.g.: bicycle, stroller, high chair, educational game, various toys)
  • Clothing (e.g.: children, maternity, winter clothing)
  • Construction and renovation material (e.g.: door, window, gypsum board, wooden planks)
  • Electronic or computer equipment (e.g.: DVD player, telephone, printer)
  • Furniture (e.g.: sofa, bed, chair, table, chest)
  • Household appliances (e.g.: refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer)
  • Household articles (e.g.: dishes, decoration articles, small appliances such as toaster, vacuum cleaner, bedding)
  • Leisure and non-motorised sports (e.g.: book, tennis racket, fishing rod, bicycle)
  • Other
  • Pet accessories (e.g.: hamster cage, bird feeder, fish tank).
  • Pets (e.g.: cat, dog, hamster, ferret, fish).
  • Vehicle parts and motorised equipment (e.g.: car or motorcycle parts, lawnmower, tires)

Inclusion of pictures

We strongly encourage you to include a picture of the article you wish to give, to limit the number of visits to your home. Pictures must not exceed 200px x 200px. Commercial logos are not accepted.

Number of articles in each ad

It is preferable to prepare as many ads as there are articles to give, unless the various articles are part of a whole (e.g.: kitchen table and chairs). You may post as many ads as you need, selecting every time the appropriate category.

Modification of an ad already online

You may modify your ad once it is online. You must access the “My Ads” section by first connecting with your registration e-mail. Publication of a modified ad is subject to a waiting period that may extend to three (3) working days.

Deletion of an ad

Once your goods have been given, you may delete your ad before the expiry date, to avoid receiving additional calls. You must access the “My Ads” section by first connecting with your registration e-mail. One way or another, your ad will be deleted automatically 30 days after publication.

Compo Recycle Responsibility

The “Your oldies, My goodies” module is only a meeting place for people wishing to give goods and individuals wishing to obtain those goods. It is the responsibility of the donor and the taker to conclude the transaction where relevant. Even though we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our site and maintain its integrity, Compo Recycle cannot guarantee and makes no declaration as to the quality and legality of goods advertised, the validity or exactness of descriptions, nor the ability of donors and takers.

It is prohibited to advertise on this site any stolen or counterfeit merchandise, or any article that constitutes a breach to a copyright, patent, trade secret, or to any other property or confidentiality right owned by a third party. As well, it is prohibited to advertise articles of an illegal nature, or contravening to public decency, or which possession is controlled, such as prescription drugs.

Will also be deleted from this site any picture illustrating articles such as those mentioned above, and those proposing any content that is deemed immoral, obscene or potentially offending. As well, it is prohibited to use this site to promote another web site, bidding site or any other location, business or organization.

Compo Recycle reserves the right to evaluate ads and pictures submitted, in order to detect any offer that does not comply with the terms and conditions of the service. If we are unable to verify or authenticate the information submitted, or if we judge that your actions are susceptible to involve your legal responsibility, our own responsibility or that of our users, or if, in our opinion, your behaviour undermines the integrity of our site, we reserve the right to serve notices, to temporarily or indefinitely suspend, to cancel registration of a member, or to exercise any other right and impose any other sanction deemed appropriate in case of violation of this user agreement or any document that is part thereof via reference.


By accepting to advertise the articles or goods that you wish to give, you recognize that the personal information that you provide electronically when you register becomes part of the public domain and thus looses its confidential nature. Compo Recycle cannot in any way prevent search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to gather personal information and data published in your ad.