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Conteneur Recycle Inc.

Your residual construction materials are not necessarily waste materials. Metal, wood, plastic, and cardboard residues collected in Conteneur Recycle containers are systematically taken to our dry materials sorting plant, and diverted from landfills in a proportion of 30 to 60%.


Roll-off Containers:

Construction containers (5, 8, 20 and 40 cubic yards)

  • Construction containers

    5 yd3
    Length 8 ft, width 5 ft, height 3 ft
    Capacity of approximately 60 packages of asphalt shingling .

  • Construction containers

    8 yd3
    Length 10 ft, width 5 ft, height 4 ft
    Capacity of approximately 90 packages of asphalt shingling.

  • Construction containers

    20 yd3
    Length 20 ft, width 8 ft, height 4 ft.

  • Construction containers

    40 yd3
    Length 20 ft, width 8 ft, height 7 ft.

Security storage container

Protect your tools, and renovation or construction equipment against weather and vandalism.

  • Dimensions: Length 20 ft, width 8 ft, height 7 ft
  • Monthly rental (10 % rebate between October and April), transport not included
  • Characteristics: One or two locking doors with full width access at the back.

Regions served

  • Lanaudière
  • Laurentides
  • Montréal East

Available sizes and maximum weight allowed

  • 5 cubic yards: 3 tons or 3000 kg
  • 8 cubic yards: 3 tons or 3000 kg
  • 20 cubic yards: 12 tons or 12000 kg
  • 40 cubic yards:12 tons or 12000 kg


IMPORTANT: Contents must not be higher than the sides of the container.

Pricing policy

Basic price: Includes container rental for 30 working days (construction contractors) or 10 working days (private rentals). Specialized recycling services are available for any amount of already sorted materials (concrete, plastic, wood, asphalt…).

Types of materials

Accepted: construction materials, wood, metal, coverings (shingles, vinyl, etc.), gypsum, doors and windows, ceramic, bricks, etc.

Not accepted: mattresses, carpeting, tires, and car batteries.

Concrete residues: please contact us for more details about weights and volumes.

Terms of delivery

In general, we deliver on the day you order. However, during the high season, we may need a 24-hour delay for contractors, and 48-hour delay for individuals. Help us serve you better, reserve your container today!

What happens to your residual materials?

They are sorted and recycled in a 30 to 60% proportion, at our dry materials sorting plant.


Why should you rent a container from Conteneur Recycle?

  • You contribute to protecting the the environment by ensuring that a large part of your residual materials are recycled.
  • You get rid of your residual materials efficiently and ecologically, without wasting precious time sorting, transporting and dumping them.
  • A container allows you to finish your work more rapidly while keeping your construction site clean and well organized.

Office Hours

Apr. 15 to Oct. 14: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and from
Oct. 1 to Apr. 14: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tel. 450 753-3765
Tel. 450 882-9186
Toll free: 1 888 482-6676