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Municipality of Rawdon

We recommend that you put your bins out the evening before collection day.

  • Blue Bin

    Once every two weeks, with the brown bin

  • Brown Bin

    Once every two weeks,with the blue bin

  • Black Bin

    Once every two weeks, alternately with the blue and brown bins

At your service:


The "Plan d'action 2010-2015" of the Quebec government, with regard to residual materials management, is to reduce the volume of residual materials sent to landfills to 700 kg per person; recycle 70% of residual paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal; transform 60% of all residual organic materials via biological processes; recycle or recuperate 80% of dry materials such as concrete, bricks and asphalt; send to sorting centres 70% of construction, renovation and demolition materials from the construction sector.


In 2013, Rawdon suceeded in diverting 45,4% of its residual waste from landfills. Congratulations!

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Remember to visit the site Your Oldies, My Goodies to give or find reusable goods on line.

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