Planning an event, or a festival?

Why should we sort waste during an event?

Because the management of waste generated by participants significantly reduces the impact of your activity on the environment, while keeping your site much cleaner.

Why should you call Compo Recycle?

  • Information booth
  • 3-way (recycling/composting/waste) or 2-way (recycling/waste) bins and containers; we set up the containers and transport the waste collected to our composting/recycling plant in Chertsey
  • visitors assistance and orientation on waste sorting
  • training ofvolunteers and appropriate posting on the site
  • final report with statistics on recycling/composting/end-waste ratio

A few accomplishments:

Our 2 or 3-way collection set up on site will help participants focus on recycling / composting their waste rather than blindly disposing of it, thus ensuring success of the program.

  • Festival Mémoire et racines

    Festival Mémoire et racines: five days of traditional music in Joliette, in August of every year.

  • Multicutural Festival

    Intercultural Festival in Rawdon: three days of festivities involving close to 40 different cultural communities.

  • Conference, congress, special dinner

    Conference, congress, special dinner: we work with the restaurant or catering company to ensure that all waste produced during the event is recycled and composted appropriately.

    Equipe TouTri de Compo Recycle
    You are planning a general meeting, community event, or fund-raising activity in Lanaudière?
    If you want your event to be eco-friendly, and wish to reduce as much as possible the waste generated by the event, contact Compo Recycle and reserve the TouTri team.
    You may call 450 882-9186, ext. 111 or write to


  • Ask food vendors to use recyclable or compostable containers and utensils; ask us to provide you with a list of suppliers for your vendors;
  • Encourage the sale of finger food, to reduce the use of throw-away utensils and plates;
  • Offer participants to buy a reusable drinking container (glass, bock, cup or canteen) with the festival logo, or even better… include the price of such a container in admission fee and give one to every participant;
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers meals are served in washable dinnerware;
  • Ask your vendors to sell reasonable portions (or variable ones with variable prices) to avoid useless waste of food;
  • Identify participants with a vegetal tattoo rather than an admission ticket; you will save trees and reduce the quantity of waste materials.

Contact us. We will help you plan your event!

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Toll free: 1-888-482-6676