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Municipalities and citizens

Compo-Recycle works in partnership with municipalities in Lanaudière and the Laurentians.

We offer a complete waste management program through our 3-way collection program, integrating citizen relations services.

Municipalities served by Compo Recycle

If you wish to have more information on bulky item collection, green residues collection, the ecocentre, hazardous household waste (HHW) and Environment Day in your area, please select your municipality in the following list.

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What is the 3-way Collection Program?

  • 1 way

    Traditional waste collection, using a black or green bin.

    Green Bin Black Bin
  • 2 ways

    Collection of recyclable items, using a blue recycling bin, which considerably reduces the quantity of waste ending up in landfills.

    Blue Bin Green Bin Black Bin
  • 3 ways

    Collection of organic waste, using a brown bin or a black or green double bin, completes the cycle of responsible residential waste management.

    Blue Bin Brown Bin The Green Double Bin The Black Double Bin Green Bin Black Bin

Complementary Services

Our services include bulky item collection (large residential waste items), hazardous household waste (paint, solvent, etc.) management, and green residues collection.

Our client municipalities may also contract additional services such as an ecocentre, where citizens can take large items that they cannot dispose of in regular bins (tires, automotive parts, demolition materials, household hazardous waste, etc.).

Our residual waste management program includes communication component intended to foster awareness and inform citizens to help them manage their waste in a clean, pleasant and efficient way.

Remember to visit the site Your Oldies, My Goodies to give or find reusable goods on line.

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