Green Residues, Branches and Dead Trees

There is no special green residues collection in Ville d'Esterel, but you can dispose of grass and leaves by adding them to your oen compost heap or, with proper authorization, put them on a neighbour'ing lot to compost naturally.

Furthermore, you may dispose of your branches and dead trees at the back of the municipal garage, for a fee.


Going a bit further

HERBICYCLAGE – Leave grass on the ground after cutting it, it is the best possible natural fertilizer! You will notice that clippings will disappear after 24 to 48 hours, transforming into nitrogen and giving your grass the necessary humidity and nutrients.
By herbicyclant, you:

  • Reduce the quantity of waste;
  • Significantly improve the quality of your grass by fertilizing it naturally;
  • Benefit from a free practice that requires no specific equipment. Any lawnmower can do the job; simply ensure that your blade is sharp and that you mow the lawn when the grass is dry.

For information:
Call Ville d'Estérel at 450 228-3232