Résidus domestiques dangereux

Hazardous Household Waste (HHW)

Hazardous household waste (HHW) must not end up in landfills, septic tanks or sewers. Hazardous household waste is extremely harmful to the environment and must be handled with care. We recommend that you do not throw away containers, even if almost empty.
In Ville d'Esterel, you can take your HHW to the municipal garage, where you can dispose of them without charge.

How to recognize them: HHW containers often show one or several symbols indicating that the product is reactive, toxic, corrosive, or inflammable.

A few HHW

  • In the kitchen
    Liquid, powder or aerosol cleaning products, disinfectant, oven cleaner.

  • In the bahtroom
    Rubbing alcohol, expired drugs, antiseptics, nail polish, perfume, bug killer, hair colour, hair spray, cosmetics.

  • In the workshop
    Acid, battery, glue, stripping, paint, solvent, munitions, antifreeze, gasoline, fire extinguisher, pool products, pesticides, disinfectants, used oil, turpentine.

  • In the garden
    Chemical fertilizer, pesticides.

Going a bit further

Reducing waste as an investment in a cleaner future needs collaboration from everyone. From the conscientious individual who separates household waste to the recycling or composting industry, every link is essential. You may take hazardous household waste to:

  • Paint:
    RONA hardware stores

  • Outdated drugs or syringes:
    Any pharmacy

  • Used oil:
    Canadian Tire store



For information
Call Ville d'Estérel at 450 228-3232