Compo Recycle


Innovative 3-way collection services: recycling compostingwaste

  • Waste collection in municipalities;
  • Construction or warehouse container rental and dry materials sorting plant;
  • Waste management services in institutions, commercial establishments and industries;
  • Waste management services for events and festivals


  • 1990: Creation of Services Sanitaires MAJ Inc. by Sylvain Lafortune and Christianne Durand. Waste collection and container rental.
  • 1992: First collection service for recyclables.
  • 1997: Creation of Compo Recycle. First 3-way collection turnkey contract with the municipality of Saint-Donat, and reopening of the sorting and composting plant in Chertsey. Since then, five other municipalities have adopted Compo Recycle’s two or three-way collection program as a way of diverting waste from landfills. In 2009, Compo Recycle serves close to 16,000 doors in residential 3-way collection.
  • 2004: Launching of new two and three-way commercial services, offering businesses customized implementation and collection services.
  • 2005: Two and three-way waste management programs offered to event planners.
  • 2007: Creation of Conteneur Recycle inc., from a merge between Compo Recycle and Généreux Construction's container divisions. Hundreds of individuals and contractors use our container services.
  • 2008: Opening of Conteneur Recycle's dry materials sorting pant in Saint-Félix-de-Valois, where up to 60% of residual dry materials are sent to recycling plants.
  • 2015: Services Sanitaires MAJ Inc. and division Compo Recycle celebrates its 25th anniversary!



  • 2012 - Two EnviroLys awards : Coeur vert and Gestion des matières résiduelles (municipal, commercial and construction), awarded by the Conseil des entreprises en technologies environnementales du Québec (CETEQ).
  • 2010 - Entreprise citoyenne award, small and medium business category, awarded by Korn/Ferry - L'Actualité - NATIONAL
  • 2009 - Phénix de l'environnement, awarded by the Québec Government to one municipality and one company, both Compo Recycle clients. Gestion des matières résiduelles municipales category to Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci and Gestion des matières résiduelles commerciales category to Club de golf Rawdon. A win/win partnership with Compo Recycle!
  • 2008 - Gala des entreprises de la Matawinie award in the Environnement category.



President: Sylvain Lafortune

Close to 80 employees work at diverting waste from landfills from the company’s head office, and sorting and composting plant in Chertsey , and the ecocentres in Chertsey, Rawdon, Saint-Donat and Sainte-Adèle, the maintenance and repair garage in Rawdon and the dry materials sorting pant in Saint-Félix-de-Valois.

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Our operations are located in the Lanaudière region.

  • In Chertsey:

    Administrative office
    Recycling sorting plant
    Compost sorting and transformation plant

  • In Rawdon:

    Maintenance and repair garage for 3-way collection trucks and roll-off trucks.

  • In Saint-Félix-de-Valois:

    Conteneur Recycle Inc. dry materials sorting plant.

Our social and environmental responsibility

Why should we sort our waste?

  • Because our consuming habits have evolved considerably since the previous generation. We consume more intensely as new products are put on the market and consequently, we produce an ever increasing amount of waste. Two-third of that waste can be either recycled or composted.
  • Because waste ending up in landfills produces leachate and landfill biogas that are harmful for the water we drink and the air we breathe. Biogas contains mainly methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25% more powerful that carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Because the management of our waste is a clean way of living that shows how much we respect the people closest to us. Waste sorting decisions we make today will encourage our children to learn and influence the quality of life of future generations.

Information and sustainable solutions for our clients

We fully support the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy 2011-2015, aiming to completely eliminate organic waste from landfills by the year 2020.

Groups and Associations

Our mission

Par ses services innovateurs, Compo Recycle engage la population à prolonger facilement le cycle de vie des matières résiduelles, afin de préserver la qualité de notre environnement.

Our values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Social Responsibility
  • Team work
  • Engagement
  • Integrity